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Promovendo informação sobre a ARTE proporcionando entretenimento online e offline para os amantes da musica e do underground.

Informações sobre a rádio

In the begining, a Club SL to make friends and listen music. Today is a perfect radio web to listen some good musics EBM, Industrial, harsh, Darkwave, Gothrock, Deathrock, Coldwave, Electronic, Indie rock. And Dark strands.
We are a wired experiment, We are the waves that propagate through the bones, We are music, lifestyle, philosophy on the way to an uncertain future. We have not definition, but we have an identity.
Acidic Infektion Radio
MISSION - Infect the world! Promoting information about art, by providing online and offline entertainment for music and underground lovers.
VISION - 2017 - 2021 to be one of the top radios in the world! Over the years, people change their behavior, but new approaches and adaptations are necessary to the variables that are provided by globalization and technologies responsible for these transformations.
VALUES - Our values ​​serve as a guide, or criterion, for behaviors, attitudes and decisions. Here we present the main ones, although we do not limit ourselves in extracting what we have of better as human being
RESPECT FOR EVERYONE - Treating everyone with friendship, ethics and honesty.
SHARING KNOWLEDGE - Support, guide and assist people in all their actions promoting the exchange of information and knowledge.
COUNT POSITIVELY - Although it is an intrinsic concept, we deduce that it is the concentration of all the vibrations that we share, we always aim for the best to the nearest, regardless of who it is.
PARTICIPATION AND TEAMWORK - We recognize the value and collective genius of people. People have the right and the responsibility to contribute their talents.



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Heder Zapatero, há 8 meses
Perfect radio, awesome!!!
Moacir G Junior, há 8 meses
I love Acidic Infektion Radio . Playlists Perfect !! :)